Residential / Nursing Homes

Cheshire Events offer a unique Entertainments and Activities service to Residential / Nursing Homes and Sheltered Housing Villages. We have a wide range of activities to suit all residents regardless of age or ability.

Music and Singing

Musical Entertainment is presented by our professional compare. The entertainment package can be tailored to suit the requirements of each individual establishment and their residents.


Open Mike - Music from years gone by - Ballroom Dancing - Name That Tune  are just some of the favourites that can be included in the service.


A range of craft activities are offered as part of the Entertainments Package.


Painting - Card Making - Rolling Dough and many more. 


Puzzles and Games

Our range of Puzzles and Games always proves to be popular as part of the Entertainment Package.


Prize Bingo - Board Games - Floor and Garden Games - Skittles and many more. 




Due to the nature of our service includes dealing with vunerable adults, we offer a "free of charge" site visit and personal introduction. This allows the clients to meet our team and for Cheshire Events to present all legal documents required to provide our services to the customer. This introduction also gives Cheshire Events the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the staff, the residents and the layout of the premise.

Events and Activities

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